Metal/prefab garage kits...


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I'm in the process of buying my first house,... closing next week. And No, it does not have a garage ...but I did get to keep the GN!!!... With that said, I've been looking at steel garage kits. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with building/buying one of these? Obviously I need to get to town hall for building codes and whatnot first. But basically, the size I'm going for ideally, would be 24'x24' with one single overhead, And one entry door. Also will need to pour a slab... I'm in the North East, Rhode Island. What's out there? And who got what? Thanks in advance...Mike
check with your local building permit dept, to see if meets code.
they can ruin the best intentions,
Think you would be better served with a good wood garage. Check the shed companies. I just got a medium sized shed from Eastern Sheds in Andover Ma. They had some pretty nice garage style ones. If you get a nice concrete pad it would be slam dunk. You'll need a permit for either the metal or a wood building. Check your codes.
I'm going to try and stop by town hall after work today. I'm not getting my hopes up yet, I'm only going by my neighbor which is two houses down and has what looks like a prefab the same size I'm thinking. And his lot is smaller than mine by a few hundred sq. ft.
I'm in the market for one myself. I do think that for niceness and aesthetic appeal stick built are the way to go but based on what I've seen, you can't touch the value of a steel building. Much more space for your money. If you are in a HOA you will need to check with them as well to make sure you're not violating any of their rules. While doing my research there is one thing that I have found to be a common warning. Don't pay for the building before they have totally completed it. I've heard horror stories about people who paid all up front having serious issues about getting the buildings finished. I don't think that it is the manufacturers per se but more the actual builders/salesmen. Another theme that I've found to be pretty common is to buy larger than you think you will need. Almost everybody I've talked to has wished they had built it bigger. Size does matter.;)
Well, I didn't make town hall in time. But thanks for the replies so far.
Pronto, do you if that company makes custom sizes?
Im looking for a garage where I can park the GN in year round, and pull my girls car or the 4runner into when needed, for oil changes and whatnot... A 24' x 24' is plenty for what I'm looking for. Yes, a 20x20 is probably ok., but for the cost difference in research Yes, bigger is better...

Thanks Mike
I have a 24x18 Sears metal building and it's plenty big for what I need to work on my car. The truck won't fit though.