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May 28, 2001
I have some misc parts from the closing of Random Tech.
I have 13 - 4 bolt converter flanges and gaskets. If you want to make a down pipe extension, etc, these will mate to the exh pipe flange. $20.00 ea, plus the USPS Priority mail of $6.80
Someone want all 13, they can be had for $15 each. + the ride.

3 sets of tubular lower control arms. Includes urethane bushings, zerk fittings, powder coated gloss blk. These DO NOT have the holes for the stock sway bar. They will work w/ aftermkt, such as HR, Wolfe, etc. $60 set, plus the ride. Will advise the ride $, once I can get a set packaged and to the USPO.

O2 bungs. Have about 150. Some 20+ are ss, rest are mild steel.They are angle cut to face the sensor down stream. I also have a limited supply of straight bungs. $4.00 each. 10 for $30.00. Add $6.80 for USPS Priority.

SS Exh pipe flex bellows. 2.5". Have about 30 of them. Great for allowing some "adjustability in a tail pipe. $10.00 plus the ride.

I will post pics as soon as I get the truck unloaded.:smuggrin:

UPDATE: The torque arms are $125.00, plus the ride.

UPDATE: Am still looking for the bushings for the lowers. Will repost when I find them. Found some pieces. Will sort and assemble what I have.

MY PP is: codymspt@bellsouth.net Send as friends, or add the 3%.
I just picked up a load of torque arms for 82-2002 Camaros.
They are complete, w/ the mt brkt, heims, on the car adjuster, powdercoated blk.
I have 18 w/ stock, 10 bolt axle mt, and 9 for 9" Fords.
$100.00 each, plus the ride.
Still having problems getting enuf parts for all 3 sets of lowers. may have to order some pieces.

These are complete w/ the mt brkt, ft bushing


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Random Tech out of business? Man I am glad I bought a converter last year.
I would like 4 angle bungs please. Wanna pm me a total and PayPal? Thanks
What is the I.D. of the flanges? 2.5", 3", oval, etc.
Will take 2ea. of the bungs, 2 angled and 2 straight.
So far, have rounded up enough parts for 2 sets of lower c/arms. I am going back on Tuesday. Hope to find the rest, then. This place is a madhouse! 20 yrs of mfgring has left virtually tons of stuff to be dumped. There must be a couple 1000 stainless laser cut flanges for who knows what, bolts, nuts, mufflers, ss tail pipe tips, yadda, yadda...
How much does it cost to shut it down??. Mild steel is $.03/#, ss is $.09!!:cry:

FWIW: I have everyone's name and the day/time they posted. I'll start at the first, and go til I run out.

NE 1 interested in making lowers? I have a couple boxes of precut tube, end tubes, And, I'll even throw in the fixture to weld them on. You would need to buy poly bushings and thru tubes, to make complete assys. It all goes at 1 time, ONLY! About 10 sets of parts, AIRC.

For the Camaro crowd: I have 23 torque arm assys. Boxed, ready to ship. Complete w/ all the hardware, heims, adjusters. All fit the 4th gen F body cars. Some are made to fit w/ a 9", some w/ stock 10 bolt.