Mobile App Update - For REALS!


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May 27, 2001
Ive been fighting the mobile app battle for a while now and I think we're finally coming to the end on this one. Ive got the last piece of artwork we needed as of this morning and will be working with the Forum Runner people to get the branded version pushed out for us. Hopefully it will be in the Android market by the weekend and in the Apple App Store in a week or two. Apple's approval process is much slower.

The app is going to be free. It will be ad supported. At this time, there is no plans for an ad free version. It costs more to have two versions and I just dont know if its worth it.

Android app is attached to this post. It will need to be sideloaded until its in the Android Market so if you dont know how to sideload, dont bother downloading it.


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Yeah, we decided to go FREE and hope you guys support us in every way possible with no cost to you!
All artwork has been delivered to the developer and the addon has been purchased. I expect to see the Android version online by the end of next week at the latest. The IOS version wont be far behind it for you Apple Fanbois.
Free, are you kidding me, that sucks!!

You guys are always screwing us board members over with lines, colors, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Now you want to give us a FREE Ap too:mad:

sorry I just hadn't saw anybody bitch yet:D
Its ad supported. There will be plenty of bitching. They can take it up with Haterade.
I have the Android version in my possession already. Works great!
If anyone wants the Android app ahead of it being published in the Android market, Id be willing to email it to a few people. The hold up right now is someone *cough*Shane*cough* forgot the Apple Developer Account login and im waiting for credentials so he can publish both apps.
BTW, if you dont know how to sideload apps, me emailing it to you would be worthless and Im not providing any tech support on side loading.
you can email me the app, I have an HTC Incredible. unless its in the market already
you can email me the app, I have an HTC Incredible. unless its in the market already
Probably wont make it into the market until Monday as Shane wont be able to get me the credentials for the Apple account until after 5.

Ill shoot it over now.
Awesome Awesome....... TB is up and running on Forum Runner!!! SWEET!! Thanks dude, You guys Rock!!!1
I keep getting the app pop up but they want $1.99. No big deal to pay it if it's going to make it faster though.
Thats for the Forum Runner app. Hold tight.. the native app is coming. If you can side load it, I can email it to you if youre using Android.
Do you have the iphone app that I can side load also? I would love that!!! Also there is a free version of Forum Runner for the ihone/ipad!!

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I do not have the IOS version, just the Android. In the near future, this forum will be removed from the Forum Runner app and you will have to use the native app.
That is cool! Is the app going to be in itunes? Will you notify us when it is going to be released?

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It will be in iTunes. It takes a couple of weeks I think for Apple to approve the apps so thats the time frame I would figure on. Android is pretty much instant when you hit publish.