Mod a Stock Fuel Press Regulator?


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Mar 5, 2002
Does anyone remember how to modify a stock Fuel Press Regulator into an adjustable unit. I did this to my '85 t-Type 10 years ago but I cannot find or remember the steps. I remember tapping the vacuum barb to add a drilled out set screw??? but that's all I can recall.

I'm going to buy a Billet Unit soon as I find a good deal (new or used), so I just want to try this mod on my stock piece. I had great results doing this previously.

Any help on this?

The old procedure on that had you tap the inside of the vacuum barb will raise the base fuel pressure but will NOT raise the pressure under boost. You must disassemble the regulator and add a plunger to the top of the spring to really make it adjustable.