Modding ECM's for low impedance drivers


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May 24, 2001
I have located another handful of the correct drivers.

I have 5 sets to sell at this price. 150.00 shipped.

I mod your ECM> You send it, I mod it and return it to you. Please pick a decent ECM, make sure it runs correctly and does not have corrosion in the main plug. Clean Junkyard pulls are preferred, based on spotty quality remans I have seen over the years.

Specify Atomizer injectors or "standard".

Sale starts NOW. Paypal is paypal to reserve yours. Once these 5 are sold, I will edit this notice.

Ready, set, GO!!!!

Working on some this weekend, Should have all of them done by the end of next week.

Yeah, I have another set you can have.

Send the ECM, and paypal me.

Will send you a pm.

Received my ecm today. It was packaged much more professionally then I sent Thanks Bob!