Modified ECM and chips for 55 injecters

I have 2 PTE chips both are race chips , both for 55s
1 is custom ,race ,26 degrees timing,110 octane,100% duty cycle,20++psi
2 is strip 55s

I have never ran these chips , i got them when i bought the injectors , I would like to get 25.00 apiece, or take em both for 40.00 shipped

xxquick6xx pmd you!!!

onebadsix,I will get back to you,I want to try the ecm first and if thats not my problem then I try the chips.

For some reason I have a bad connection where the chips push into the computer.Thanks Mike
PM sent. Columbus too busy to do anything for myself. But had a good time hanging out and was upset at Sundays rain out. But stuff happens.

I have two TT race chips but do not know the difference between the two. Both have "5.5 698 55# Race 110 27*/25* 25-26PSI. One has a B in the top center. The Street Chip I have is damaged. I going to send Eric an Email and ask him more info.
Race chip was made for a TE61 turbo, and has WOT lock at about 76mph. Both chips have the scanmaster 2.1 fast update code in them. Any interest at $50 ea shipped? Street chip for $35 Shipped. Eric will repair it for $10.