Monitor Fuel Pressure through Scanmaster if you have a Powerlogger?


Jul 20, 2010
I have a PL and SM 2.1 and I am going to add a PLX wideband and FP transducer to my PL/6.1 TT E85 setup.

I know I will be able to monitor my WB readings through my SM but can I also monitor my FP as well?

I know I can add a FP gauge but aesthetically I don't really like how the hood ones look. Don't think I want the expense of an in-cab one either. I will do a hood one if it is a must but monitoring it through the SM would be much easier!
You should have added the Scanmaster 2.2 chip upgrade if you're running Powerlogger.

But no, you can't monitor fuel pressure from the scanmaster.
The Powerlogger to Scanmaster feeds are listed on the F3 screen when you click the Scanmaster Options button. They are..... Wideband, MAP, Boost, EGT (although I don't think there's working amp for this purpose anylonger), and Auto Barometer correction at key on.
My error, I am on SM 2.2.

Okay, so I can log the FP with the PL but I guess I will have to do a hood gauge if I want to monitor FP on a regular basis.

This would definitely be a nice upgrade for the PL/SM if it is possible in an update.
just get a small laptop and keep it in the car with one of marks laptop stands. monitor it that way
This is for a mechanical fuel pressure gauge only. You would have to get a fitting to mount the transducer. I use both on my GN.