More new NOS & Used GN & TTA Parts

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This is my continuing list of parts for sale. As usual If you are interested, send me your cell# and I will send pics. Small parts are free shipping larger one's Postage Only. Any Questions, please ask.


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I am interested in the following: valve cover breather grommet (quantity - 1, p/n1264486) & Grill spring (quantity -2, p/n 25516618) . If available, send payment info
I will take the 2 1701932 buick nameplates in the GM bags @$40.00 each,1 1701932 Buick nameplate without bag @$30.00 and 4 pcv valve grommets @ $5.00 each.901-619-7647 Paypal?
I'm interested in all 10 turbo t, ttype center caps.

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SAME HERE. Wish all transactions were this easy. Perfect all around, price, shipping, packaging, etc
Definitely and for those being cautious because of Al's post count ( I was too) I assure you he is legit. Been messing with these cars since the early 90's with 2 TTA's and 8 TB's. Raced with Bob Hansen and Red Armstrong back in the day, 3 time TSS winner at Bowling Green, etc.