Most memorable gift as a kid?


Sep 25, 2003
There are, of course, many presents that I remember ever so lucidly from my earliest Christmas mornings; but if I had to pick out the coolest, (read: one I was most stoked about at the time) I would have to say my Knight Rider bigwheel. (do they even make bigwheels anymore?) It had a mock car hood on the handle bars, one of those 'brakes' that was basically just a plastic rod that you pulled against the wheel, and that sucker was black and bad-a$$. (I'm sure, subconsciously, it led to the GN's I loved later on.) Kit was a cool bigwheel, I'd had the General Lee bigwheel a while before then. If you had to pick only one, what would be the childhood Christmas present that you just about peed your vinyl-footed pajamas over?
I wanted a go-cart for **YEARS**. That's a pretty expensive gift for a kid, even 20 something years ago, so it wasn't something my parents were quite ready to do for a long time. One year they finally did it and it was like getting my first car. INCREDIBLE! Thought I was in Heaven. I had SO much fun with that thing, until I hit a growing spurt and outgrew it. D'OH! :mad:
the book mike mulligan and the steam shovel. i wore out a copy when i was a little kid at my grandma's she read it to me prolly 3 times a night when i was over there. she gave that copy to me along with a new one that she wrote some stories of her reading it to me.

that is the best gift ever!

The one that jumps to mind is the Chritmas of '78. My parents had just gotten a divorce and I was only 8yrs old. I was into Star Wars big time ( like most kids of that time my age ) and wanted the Death Star soooooo bad but I knew I wasn't going to get it because money was very tight and it was pretty pricey. So, I wakeup Christmas morning and what did I find under the tree?? None other than a geniune Death Star!! I couldn't belive it because I just knew it couldn't be done. Come to find out years later after I had grown up that my Dad and Mom went in together to get it for me. Eventhough I've gotten lots of great gifts over the years, I'll always remember that morning and finding that gift under the tree.
Mine would have to have been my go cart. First ride in it was on our neighborhood street where I proceeded to run into the front wheel of a moving car.

Had a blast with that thing. Later flipped it (yes, I managed to flip a go cart) was knocked out and had to have several stitches in my head.

Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel: I had that book too. I remember it so well.

My most memorable gift was about 1966 or so when I was 5. It was a Texaco Tanker Truck, about 2' long, almost big enough to sit on and ride. I remember parking it on the other twin bed in my room and just staring at it until I went to sleep. I have no idea what happened to it. Life was simple then. We lived in an 850 sq. ft. house and it seemed enormous to me.
My brother & me in 1975 got a used PINBALL machine called WILD LIFE 1972 from Goblett.

Funniest item I bought myself was an 8mm filmstrip of John Holmes doing Seka. LOL thos 70's porn stars :D
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Had a blast with that thing. Later flipped it (yes, I managed to flip a go cart) was knocked out and had to have several stitches in my head.


LOL, I flipped mine too! There was a small local track (for the REAL carts) and I came in and my tires dipped down off the track about 6" above dirt level. Dipped in an flip/rolled coming out. I never argued with my Dad again about wearing a helmet out there again. Upside down in a go-cart with your face under barbed wire will do that. But it was worth it--I was flyin'. :cool:
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Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel: I had that book too. I remember it so well.

that book rocks! should have won a pulitzer! i have it under my night stand standing up so everyone can ask me about it.. i am gunna read it to my boy someday!

Coolest present ever was an HO scale train set my dad got me for Christmas one year. Only thing was my dad and two older brothers set it up Christmas eve night and played with it all night long. By the time I go to it Christmas morning, the damned engine was burnt up. Go figure, lol
Skittle Pool?:confused: I had to look at your profile, and yep- you're older than me so forgive, but what was Skittle Pool?
Speaking of big wheels... mine was a Dukes of Hazzard big wheel with the emergency brake! It was awesome!

The gift I remember the most was my Yamaha YZ (zinger) motorcycle I got when I was 5. It was a real life 50cc automatic motorcycle. :cool:
You had the Dukes Of Hazzard bigwheel,too?! Right on, I loved that thing!!

Yeah! I just saw that you did too. ;) Awesome! You're the first person that I've ever talked to that has ever had one too. :D

I use to fly down this huge hill by my house, pull the brake, and go spinning! It was a blast! I also pulled ahead with at the start of the Big Wheel Derby but kept going straight like a drag race. I didn't know it was a circle track! :p