MSD 50's, Race Heads, and other parts!


Signal 1 J-12
MSD 50's with approximately 1500 miles, been running at 50% duty cycle since new (25pph)....$360.00 shipped to a US address.

Ported and Polished TTA heads recently done with 90lb springs, teflon seals, Manley severe duty exhaust valves...VERY good job on these heads! I have the flow sheet showing an honest 168 cfm increase on the intake side and 258 cfm on the exhaust at .500 lift. No warps, cracks or BS. $780.00 shipped to a US address.

Comp Cams 212-212 w/ 112* lobe seperation and matching lifters...broke in correctly with 463 total miles. Lobes are good to go, no wear, flat spots, or discoloration; lifters the same way. $175 shipped to a US address.
I just finished up pulling out all 12 of the valves for inspection and everything is good to go! The port work on these heads is top notch folks, I will pull both valves out of one cylinder for pics if need be. I'd be willing to compare flow sheets that these heads flow as good if not better than a set of Champions. BTW, the price shipped is to any lower US address...sorry Alaska and Hawaii buyers.
Check your personal email address that's listed in your profile, your private mail inbox here is full and I can't respond.
MSD 50's reduced to $180 shipped anywhere in the US...
Heads reduced to $720 shipped anywhere mainland US...
Cam & Lifters reduced to $130 shipped anywhere in the US...

If I can't sell the above parts at the aforementioned prices I'll keep them, so please no offers below what is listed...thanks!