MSD Knock Alert


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ok so in tracking down why my bs3 doesnt pickup any knock (ever) at wot i tapped a msd knock alert into the knock sensor wire that i had laying around. but the funny thing is anything over 3000 rpm on my motor and the msd knock alert is just going nuts! it goes all the way to red at 3500.

does anyone have experience with the msd knock alert? i feel like its setup to register at anything.... and i do mean anything thaat the knock sensor spits out
MSD Ignition 8964 - Engine Knock Alert System

There is a sensitivity adjustment accordingly to the instructions:

Did you use the MSD supplied knock sensor or the stock Buick one. There may be a slight different signal created.

It looks like the sensor is OK, so I would next check to see if the ESC (Electronic Spark Control) Module is working properly. With a volt-ohm meter check the obvious does the power wire to the ESC Module have switched 12 volts to it and is the ground wire adequately grounded.