my 80 regal limited

A whole bunch of stuff, no budget build.
well no not a no budget build cause budgets rarely work out but it is a limited funding build believe you me if there were no funding limits id have a schwartz performance frame an all aluminum stage 2 engine NA engine tremec tko600 or some kind of dog box an alot of other bad ass parts hettin those aluminum heads dug a super big hole in my budget so yeah and i had my doubts about actually gettin them cause of the low power levels i will be at measly 350-400 horse area dosent require alu heads but i decided screw it so i have that weak N/A block and a GN bottom end except the probe pistons all the big money transactions are done now from now on it will be spending the money from my pay check saving up money etc AKA now the brakes are on but i have enough parts top do alot or work
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yeah after all these years if it being in pieces its awesome to see it come together again and you and dr,frankenstein and charlie and others have been a big help on advice after you guys corrupted me a and turned me to the dark side
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little progress sins last postings its been slow but its better then nothing the aluminum heads have been dismanteled and cc`d ready for the machinist found some front seats moved to a new work shop spway bar endlinks for rear made and front once from spohn performance welded in a reinforcement/repair plate on by the spring pocket so i can make use of that body mount location so tis a bolted mount instead of nothing at all engine is slowly being assembeled



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I see you've added a lot of support to the rear axle. What are the two single hole vertical brackets for right above the Hellwig traction bar?