My car falls on it's face


Nice Monte...
Aug 18, 2001
Sometimes, but not all the time, when the boost goes above zero, my car just sorta dies...the boost goes up, all the way to the 15-16 psi area, and it's like the car just sh!t's it out the back! In my rear view mirror, there is a HUGE cloud of black smoke! If I ride in the 75 mph range, for a lil bit, it kinda clears up. It's been doing this alot lately (it's been geting worse, I guess) and the car bucks and skips, but most of the time the car is just as strong as it should be?!? Most of the time it'll just clear up while I'm driving it.

So, have any of you fellas had this problem?!? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have turbolink, but I don't know how to use the damn thing...or what the heck to look anything would help.

Thanks, John
Ignition troubles?

Maybe an ignition problem? Checked the wires, plugs, and coil pack? How about the O2 sensor? Done the tap test on the MAF sensor? Do you have the upgraded coil pack and module? How is the car idling? Black smoke is unburned fuel...well, actually, it's carbon from a crappy burn. I'd guess it's too much fuel or not enough spark(maybe no spark in a cyl or two?). Can't really tell you much else. I'm sure someone else can ask the right questions to get the info they need to help you out. Just hang in there man! More info will greatly help though.
Original coil pack and module...the plugs and wires were just replace about 3k idles fine, and if I rev the motor from idle and hold it at about 3 grand, there's no break up, or smoke. I've even (while driving it) put it in neutral, and revved it, and no smoke, but when I put it back in drive, and then hit it, all the guages go up (ie, boost guage, and the digital dash lights) but the car just starts bucking, and falls on it's face while the boost goes up. It's like the car doesn't like a load put on it, or a pull, but I have a feeling that if I disconnected the wastgate arm so the turbo wouldn't engage, that the car would run fine. Dunno?!? :rolleyes: :confused:

Thanks, but keep em comin... ;)
Maybe one of the guys will step up and help you outwith that scan tool, sorry i still dont have one. You might want to tap on the maf and see if its going bad it sounds like your running way to rich. What chip do you have, stock 84-85 ecm and maf.
thanks for the reply fellas

crazygn...what exactly do you mean "tap on the MAF" what will that do, or how will that help me?

I never had to do it but they say that if you have the car running and tap on the maf with some thing but not real hard, that it will die or stumble the idle some if the maf is going bad.

Try it one time it might work.

hope its some thing eazy and does not cost much money.
well...I have tapped on the MAF, and nothing happened. I unplugged the MAF, and the idle stumbled and the car stalled. I plugged the MAF wire back in and started that car, and all was fine.

Although this sounds good, and like my problem is solved, but there was nothing wrong w/ my idle before. It was only when I was out driving the car. I'm gonna run Turbolink now, and see if anything looks "fishy" or if it detects any malfuntion codes...