My car: Front page of this months HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC 70-TA


wana steal it? meet mr9mm
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Just thought i would pass the word along that one of my cars FINALLY made it to the front page of a magazine-

TOO BAD IM A DAMN MORON AND SOLD THE CAR 4 YEARS AGO to the current owner to restore and give it the love it so badly needed-

Not 5 minutes ago i recieved a email from the owner telling me it hit the front page of HPP-

feel free to beat me up on this thread, i need a good ole buttkickin for selling it...
lets see here- original 1970 lucerne blue on blue 4 speed 400 RA III with the 12 bolt rear still there
sold it to him, he made it into a sweet ride...

i found this car in a actual slave barn in central Missouri, of dire need of a new home-
yes one of those stories you hear about, found in a barn sitting for over 15 years cause the motor was blown, it needed some repair but had the desireable blue on blue is what sold me on it-

well, now its on the front page, not mine, so kick me in the junk

i think ive owned over 60 cars now, im only 28 and still think about this car daily...

Let me be the first in line to plant a boot on your butt!

My HPP mag showed up yesterday and I was like "WOW.. WHAT AN AWESOME T/A"

I have a silver 77 T/A that been burning my $$ for about 14 years now. Once upon a time a 87 TR handed the old T/A it's azz.... now it's parked next to 2 TR's all the time just to remind it!
DOn't beat yourself up over this. We have all had cars we wanted back.
Smells like you maybe looking for another one.

I was lucky enough to have driven a 70 TA ram air 3 when I was
17. A Friend use to con his sister into taking it & promised her a wash, gas or tune up would be done. YEAH right that TA was the county whore for us High TESTOSTERONE Teens. We would place it through tougher paces than road & track or car & driver :D

Just think of it as you helped save it & the current owner
maybe wanted to lay tons of $$ into it to get it in current shape.
At least it lives. I remember watching americas funnist videos in early 90's. They showed a straight 71 Formula w/ram air ducts. They blind folded the driver and let him drive an oval track. The sound track played laughter, I developed a migraine as the car was destroyed.
Hey Quick6'n'-K.C., just out of curiousity what part of Central Missouri did you originally find the car in? I grew up near the Jefferson City area.
i cant remember where i found the car, its been since 96 when i bought it.

and you guys are right, at least it is still alive and running not sitting and dying right?

still wished i kept it, i didnt need to sell it, at the time i just thought getting a second TTA was more important than keeping that ole 70TA and it would go into the garage in place of it...

id buy another 70s firebird, just dont have any space!

I know that "Gee i wish i had that car back feeling" all too well. Why did I sell my 70 SS396 L78 4 speed Nova??? Why? Why? Why?:confused:
Unless a car is in the hands of its original owner, which is rare, it's changed hands. Every car - ZL1 Camaros, Hemi Cuda 'verts, 427 Cobras, you name it. So, don't feel too bad - imagine how those folks feel?

I have a 1976 Formula 400 4 speed that is very rough. I have been debating on saving and restoring it for my son. I only have 15 years until he turns 16. The same way my dad and I restored my Chevy II for my first car. It has all original paperwork and is a one owner. But everything is rotted even the A pillar on the drivers side. I honestly think the 4 speed is worth more than the car.:( I guess time will tell.