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i decided to sneek in a pic of my daily driver in addition to my 80 regal
my 1974 amc hornet 4.2 straight 6 stock only a set of painted keystone striker wheels and a 2.5 inch exhaust



and a link to my album my car pictures by futten - Photobucket
are you futten me. you keep messin with that hornet youll get stung!you need to put a g/n drivetrain in the 80 regal it will make a nice sleeper.
finding a G/N anything over here in norway i can forget about theres ONE gn localy and i think there is a total of 3 in norway at all finding parts is impossible
then were going to have to start shipping you parts. from the good ole U.S.A WE GOT ALL THE PARTS YOURE GOING TO NEED!
that sounds nice but im stickin to NA power :D sins the car will have a stock car look and with that nice weight distribution the car has with that v6 its good for when its going on track days and sins i drive pretty hard on the twisty roads over here i know big heavy cars like american cars arent IDEAL for that the regals have about 300 lbs more weight on the front end then the rear with the 231