My GN with new Weld RT-S wheels...


May 25, 2001
Here are a few pics of my car with the new black centered 15'' Weld RT-S's...They're the only pics I have for now, but I'll post more when I get some.

Claude. ;)
Those look awsome...i want to get them for my GN but i just placed my kids on ebay waiting to see how much i can get for them..wheels are lots of $$$$.
ill answer for Claude...go to Cottons website under work in progress and theres info and more pics of his build up..quite impressive and im very jealous:)
Look great! Glad you didn't give up on 15s. Told ya they would work.;)
Some nice pics on cottons site!!! I dont wanna work on my own stuff anymore lol /jealous

Mind Pm'ing me what that entire rear setup set you back?
Thanks guys for all the good comments, I appreciate. As for the setup, here it is:
- 4 wheel Baer disc brakes with functional emergency brake (mounted inside the rear rotors), and for a nice finishing touch, some candy red calipers :eek:
- Strange Engineering Dana S60 differential with with 33 spline axles, long wheel studs with 1/2'' thread and a spool with 3.55 gears
- Weld ''RT-S'' black center wheels, 15''x10'' rears and 15''x7'' fronts

I'm really glad that Rick @ Baer (WHITE T) in conjunction with with Weld Racing were able to get a set of wheels to fit the large diameter rear discs.. ;) ...otherwise, I would have had no other choice but to go with 17'' wheels...:rolleyes:

Thanks guys,
Claude. :)
I did the Weld RT-S in 18's on my GN. 18x9 up front and 18x10 out back. Looks wicked. Need to do coilovers now :)
Here are new pictures that Gerry just posted today. (In the first picture, you can see Jack ''the man'' in front of my car...)

Claude. :)

P.S: Thanks Gerry! ;)Picture027-1.jpgPicture028-2.jpgPicture029-1.jpgPicture030-1.jpg