need a little help


Need Speed
Jun 8, 2003
Trying to install caspers cam sensor cap .... I was turning the engine over by hand and using a hose felt the compression in #1 cylinder (drivers side closet to front of car) so I check to the timing mark and it is not lined up so I keep turning by hand to line up to the 0 mark and it seems pretty far... so i tried it a second time and as I was starting to turn it , it felt like where I had it was sucking in air thru the hose .... is this right???
It could be 180 out,as the cam spins once for every 2 revoutions of the crank. If you are not removing the sensor,just unbolt the old cap and put the new one on and go. No adjustment needed.
i have already pulled it out , i do think i have it 180 out already so thats why i want to install the cap..... so it says that you have to turn it over a little to line up the mark with the 0 but how much is a little and how much is too much....:confused: