need a part# please


Bettie is the boss
Jan 10, 2006
fellas, i'm trying to track down the part number for a front swaybar u-bracket (u-shaped part that goes around the bushing/swaybar). i bought a tta that the owner pulled the swaybar off of and now i want it back on. i've got every part needed to put it on except one u-bracket. :(

i need a part number for it so i can start tracking one down. or, if someone wants to part with one, let me know. these are tta specific due to intercooler clearance.

please help, thanks!
Here you go .... 45, 49 and 48 is what you need. 45 is unique to the TTA.


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thanks for the help jan! yep, #45 is the only piece i'm missing. if nobody on the boards wants to part with one, at least i have a part# to go to my parts guy with now.