Need a pic of fuse box and no spark.....


May 27, 2001
Keeps blowing a 20 amp fuse near top left and have no spark. Was fine when I parked it. Can't read rubbed off writing on fusebox to know which fuse it is
Repalced module and it quit blowing fuses,had a weak spark when checked with a new spark plug. Tried to start and it wouldnt,figured it had fouled spark plugs. Now I have no spark again but fuse isnt blown. Coil maybe or battery weak killed spark?
Tried another new module and coil,still no spark. I have continuity on pink/black wire at sensor has voltage at pin A and is turning when cranking. Still no spark!!! Its not blowing the ccci fuse anymore. Need help please!
Just put new crank sensor in,turned over and had spark! Plugged fuel pump back up and put plug wire backk on, tried to start it and no more spark!WTH!!!! What am I missing?
Anyone? Why did it stop blowing the fuse when new module was installed,had a spark,then no spark but not blowing fuse anymore? Like I module,coil pack and crank sensor. Still no spark! Anyone?
Stock cam sensor,gonna try and get a new one to try. The ignition module had been on the car for years and wires were melted between it and coil pack. Changing it stopped the fuse from blowing but still intermittent spark for some reason.
Intermittents are not an indication of a bad cam or crank sensor. They're digital switches, and they either work or they don't - that is, as long as the interrupter is in the proper window. I've seen bad crank thrust bearings affect the crank sensor where, when the crank shifts forward too much due to the worn bearing, it slips out of the crank sensor window, and suddenly you lose the spark. Decelerate, crank slips back in, and the car resumes.

I would seriously look at that connector on the module. The contacts lose their spring clamping ability and vibration causes the terminal to disconnect then reconnect. I've seen it where the car is running, then you wiggle the connector, the car stalls.
It all started with a bad module blowing the ccci fuse,wondering if something got shorted. When trying to start I can watch spark checker and it will spark 6-7 times then stop at times. Next time I check and no spark at all
The connector at module looks good,tightened connectors up some to make sure. Got voltage at ignition module,cam sensor,crank sensor and maf. WHY NO SPARK???
One of two things (assuming the coil module and coil pack are good and getting power)
1. CAM sensor
2. CRANK sensor
Both sensors need to be picking up a signal to create a spark. The CAM signal initiates the spark, the CRANK signal sequences the spark.
Does the motor fire at all when you try and start? Or just turn over?

Just for the hell of it give it a shot of either and see what happens. If it's getting a little spark it should do something.

Ive used ether over and'll kinda sputter the first couple times then nothing. You can watch spark checker and after it's sat awhile it'll spark 5-6 times then quits