Need diagnosis on these pressure readings again.


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Well if you have followed along i fixed first gear, it was a stuck low 1 valve. The tranny shifted great for 400 miles and all the shifts are still very good, but I'm concerned because the 2-3 shift seems to have softened a bit. Its not slipping by any means but its not chirping the tires at part throttle like it had and you can't really feel it, and with much boost it just isn't there like it should be. It also concerns me because the TV cable is pretty far back compared to where it used to be to get the close to the same shift quality. i wouldn't think with the bigger PR and TV boost valve, PTS pump, dual feed to the clutches, and such would need so much TV. I am also running a 3 speed 200 servo if that helps, could a seal have started to leak on it to cause this 2-3 softness, i wouldn't call it a flare because there is no delay and it is very fast but its not hard like it has been and I think should be

Here are my numbers

min TV 1500

P 80
R 95-100
N 80
OD 80-83
D 80-83
2 190
1 175
max TV at 1500 rpm
P 210
R 180
N 200
OD 190
D 180
2 195
1 175

Why does my L/R Boost valve appear to be working at min TV but not at Full TV? I'm thinking they are not working as they should. Thanks a lot guys. Sorry for all the length if there is any other info i could provide just let me know.:D
Well I just took it for a drive and at half throttle or so its pressure was around 210-220 in through 1st gear, it hit second and barely dropped to 205-210 , and then if I let 3rd wind out to 4 grand or so right before the shift it would drop to 150 or so and stay there after the shift while in 3rd gear. Is this normal?

edit: dropped pan and all looks ok, there is a quarter size amount of clutch dust in the pan and the magnet has some on it as well. Are my 2-3 clutches fried or is this pretty normal, this is a new tranny and has no more than 400 miles or so
heres some pics of the small amount of clutch dust
Here is my finger after wiping off the magnet
You can see where my finger was and tell how much debree was on the magnet.
on this one you can barely see the amount of clutch dust in the top right , i wiped my finger throug it so you can't really see it too well

As far as the debris, your are fine and , yes, it is normal. As for the 2-3 pressure drop, that concerns me a little but it could be a number of things. If you used iron rings on the center support and one hung , that would do it. By dual feeding you require more fluid to the high clutch, but I doubt that is the issue. The servo thing is a definite possibility tho. Change one thing at a time and look for a change. If third cluitches were wiped, I would think a flair would begin to present itself. Boost pressures are a little low, ( Rev, Manual 1st, 2nd) That says for some reason boost pressure is escaping someplace. Either the transfer tube is leaking, or the INT boost valve isn't doing its job. Also the primer spring in the pump could have something to do with it, but highly unlikely.