Need help ASAP,questions about a MAP sensor


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Jun 1, 2001
I think my MAP sensor has gone bad. My factory boost gauge reads 6 psi all of the time and my aftermarket guage reads very low like 6 psi even though the car surely has more becasue it pulls hard like it should. I thought maybe the MAP was leaking interally and bleeding off the bosst signal to the guages, but that's just a theory. What all does the MAP control? How bad is this? Buying a new MAP is no problem, but in a small town in AR you can't buy one today and I am plaanning on going to the track tonight. Will this be a problem? Thanks Steve
The MAP senser is the sending unit for the stock boost guage. Seen like you got a vacume leak. I nevered heard of a bad MAP.
The only thing the MAP is connected to is the dash guage...The ecm doesn't even know it's there...I would really find where your leak is at before you go to the track...The hard vacuum lines are notorious for cracking...