Need your help , car dies one in awhile?


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OK guys here is what's going on . My car keeps stalling out from time to time , but it seems to do it right after I give it full throttle . I can be at a light , floor it and then when I let off it will jus die . I can restart it and it starts right up . so ??? I do have a bad 02 sensor and was thinking it might be the problem but not 100% sure .if you need more info jus ask ill post what I know about the car as I jus bought it about 6 months ago
Do you at least have a fuel guage that you can see while driving? 02 sensors are cheap enough to swap out quickly and test your theory.
Rule #1 when you are trouble shooting......Fix all known problems first then see if you still have the issue. Change the O2 sensor.
Mine was doing something similar. The weatherpack connector for the ECM wire wasn't clipped together all the way.

A bump or deceleration caused it to stall sometimes.

The connector is at the orange wire behind the battery.
By owning a GN there are basic troubleshooting tools that you need:
1. Fuel pressure gauge. It can be as temporary or as permenant as you want it to be. Run it off the end of your fuel rail and stick it under your windshield wiper.
2. The ALDL pass code key or paper clip and the codes for when your check engine light pops on.

3. A simple volt meter. TPS sensor check, fuel pump voltage, endless.

4. A spare good known MAF if you are still running one.
5. Serpentine belt
6. Extra hose clamps in different sizes, zip ties, blade fuses
These are just a few items that you will need.
Hope you figure out you issue and make a journal, something may pop up again or someone you need to pass some advice on to.
Tossing the stock MAF is a good start to avoiding stuff like this. There's no reason to attempt to tune around a bad O2... just to have to 'fix' it again when you get accurate reporting again.

You need to know what your IAC and TPS are set at as well after making sure ALL your vacuum lines are sealed. Also if you touch a line and your finger turns black... go to the parts store and get 10 feet of every size (and a couple of check valves)
Anybody think it could be the tps sensor? Mine recently died out while idling to my spot at a car show. Drove 2 hours to get there and 2 hours home with no problems. It also died once while turning through an intersection. No vacuum leaks, o2 numbers bounce around, lt1 MAF/translator, tps set to .42 at idle, crank sensor a year or two old, ecm 6 months old, ac delco coil and module 1 year old, iac cleaned and set to 25, throttle body also cleaned with throttle body cleaner.
Or...someone said it could be the map sensor? But that just operates the boost gauge with no signal to the (stock) ecm, correct?
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