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May 30, 2010
Hey crowd.

I have stock 15" Turbo T wheels. Looking to go with 235/60/15 BFG Radial T/A's in the front.

Can't make up my mind for the rear tires. The car is just a driver, no drag racing, no road racing.

I was thinking about:

275/60/15 BFG Radial T/A's

255/60/15 BFG Radial T/A's

275/50/15 BFG g-Force T/A Drag Radial 2

I want a beefy look, but don't want to roll my fenders. Looking for a proportional look with the front tires.

Please help! :eek:
255/60/15. They fit really nice and dont look to big. I always thought the 275/60 looked a little odd on street cars.
I have the 235's all around and like the look, plus I can rotate them. I had 255's in the rear and I thought they actually filled up the wheel well too much.
No clearance issues with the 275/60/15's with the stock I run that size on my GN with the stock rims.
275/60's fit fine on stock rims. No issues with lip or inner wheel well
275 either 50 or 60 will not wear correctly and crown wearing out the middle. Even on a 8" rim they dont wear correctly.
265/50-15's BFG's ....if you add them all the way around, you can rotate them, Save's Alot Doe on tires...
I don't see any 265/50/15s on TireRack. I thought 235/60/15 is the widest we can go in the front.

The front's will rub if you turn the wheel lock to wheel lock,(parking lots,tight parking) other then that, you get the wide rears for (some) traction an the front too for handling, with big bonus of being able to rotate them, here video of them when i ran them

Start at 1:20 in the vid, i beleave the rims are from an Chevy Astro Van? don't hold me to that,there 15x7.5 i thought
I have BFG 255/60 R15's. I really like the look. My car is lowered in the rear. Absolutely no rubbing or hitting at all. The diameter is 27.1" but my tires are very low so I would say that 26" would be a fair guess for my tire diameter.
Thank You. I have 235/60 R15 Firestone Indy 500's on the front. That's pretty much the widest without rubbing while wheel locked. The rears are BFG Radial TA. I really love the look. Just enough bulge of the sidewall past the rim, looks stock but yet a little "not":D