Need help with a weird problem???


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When idling in gear at a stop and the radiator fan comes on or goes off if it is already on, the idle speed changes. Sometimes it seems like its going to stall for a second when the fan comes on. It also does it if I press on the brake. When I have TLink hooked up the volts are at around 14 and when the fan or brake motor turns on the volts drop for a second but not too much. Any ideas what might cause this problem?


check the battery for corrosion built up
check to see if the positive battery cable is chafed against the pass side header
check to see if the harness is bolted in tight on the firewall
it is where the harness bolts to the fuse block inside the engine bay-- i think its a 7,8 or 10 mm socket--

sounds to me that when the power master electric pump kicks in, it is drawing alot of amps and bogging down the engine--
sounds funny doesnt it??

just check all your connections and report back to us what you find-- hope we can fix it for ya!

ps also check the ground from the battery its a bolt on the pass side head on the front of the motor