Need help with GN


Feb 22, 2007
My little brothers Integra just lost its tranny and like my father and I he wants to become a member of the Buick owners club. He is looking at a GN in elkton maryland and its 15miles from cecil dragway. The car looks pretty good in the pictures but I know from buying my lesabre T-type that pictures do not always tell it all. What I need is someone that knows GN's ( where to look for rust, check all the options, ect.) and let me know what they personally think of the car, someone who is not biased. If anyone is close to this area and is willing to take a look at the car for us please let us know. This would be very helpful and much appretiated.

Our contact info is: (my email) (my brother) (my father)
if you prefer to call 636-225-6719 or 636-448-0429

Thanks again, Lee