Need help with roller cam and spring setup...


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Feb 1, 2004
Ok, I'm gonna be using a Comp 210/215 .516/.516 lift hydraulic roller from Full Throttle and Comp 918 beehive springs with matching retainers, etc.

What do you guys recommend for seat pressures and installed heights with these springs for this cam? The guy doing my heads needs to know these things so he can set up my springs correctly.

i think when u buy the springs, the installed height is provided and the spring pressure it will result in. I got my roller from weber racing and i think he told me it was 1.75in installed height, stock was 1.725ish. make sure with that much lift the heads valve guides where the seals sit do not contact the retainers when compressed. my springs were all about 120-5lbs. installed. what kind of rockers will u use?

u could always contact full throttle about that kind of question too! im sure they would know!