Need Help


I am looking for a front set of rotors for a 1989 buick century.I have been to several parts stores and the rotors are either to big or to small.So I have been looking in junk yards and have found notihng.I found an older buick century but not sure if the rotors will fit.I have contacted a buick dealer also.
So I am still looking in junk yards.Please if anybodyis junking a buick century let me know.Also any good buick century boards and or forumns?
I am in north jersey.I might call buick,the main company for help also.
It is a 1989 front wheel drive,3300 engine,v-6,4 door.
89 buick

No conversion.It's for the 89 buick century.I have tried online parts stores.
The only thing is if the rotors do not fit I will have to ship them back.
And I do not want to go round and round again.
Thanks for your help.