Need new air filter. Are we still running K&N's?


The White Blur
Jan 31, 2002
My new TTA has a worn out K&N filter. Are most of you guys still running them or is there a better choice?
I bought a new k&n at my local performance parts store. Everyone was bugging me that I had thousands of $$ spent on my car and a greasy old worn out air filter.
I heard you have the Strange S60 rear end in your TTA. I've made up my mind to order one on Friday. How long did it take to ship?
It's great, and I do trans brake launches at 10 lbs boost (or more). I ordered the brake package so I didn't have to send them my brackets. Shipping was not too long, for coming to Canada anyway. If you live in the USA I bet it will not be long at all. It takes about 3 weeks or so to be built first though. I would definitely buy again. I have a strange 12 bolt in my 2002 firehawk and am pleased with that also, but the s60 is bigger and tougher.
My gears are 3.54 and I can't recall exactly what posi. I'd have to check my invoice. I pretty much let the guy pick for me other than I had to have 3.54 gears. My best 60' is 1.50 and I am trapping under 6000 rpm at the end in third gear with a ptc non lock converter. I'll go find my papers and post back what posi.
hello; If you want to try a differant filter try AFE there nice.
AMSOIL makes a dry element reuseable air filter that out performs the K&N. Its Blue in color and synthetic materials. Nano filter technology as they put it. I have used their filters for 5 years now and never had an issue. Easy to clean, no spray needed after cleaning and out performs anything else on the market. Wix is the company that makes the filters for Amsoil and they cost about the same as a K&N.