Need pics of 275/ 50 drag radials


I have an opportunity to buy a set of brand new (still with stickers) Nitto drag radials 275/50/15 for $250.00. My question is this, I have done a few searchs on the boards here and have found quite a few threads on the tires, but none with any good pics with stock size (215/65/15) tires up front. What I'm looking for is a nice mean look from behind, but I also want to keep it more/less stock appearing from a distance.
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Me like! Do you think the price is right? I thought $ 250.00 was a decent deal...:)
Seems like a decent deal since I paid $148 ea for the BFGs back 3 years ago, Nitto's are similar priced. Jeg's has Nitto's priced at $156 ea. Then you have to have mounting and balancing on top of that.
Great, I always was told by tire stores not to go much wider that a 255 on a 7" wide rim
I had nitto 275-50's on my stock gn rims before i went to the conterline's and they fit fine. A little buldge but looked mean.