Need Pictures to finish my rebuild help!!


Whynd it up
May 11, 2010
:confused:im almost done rebulding my 83 t-type just putting everything back were it goes but im lost ??? so far i have most of the big parts on all thats left it plugs and lines and smog hoses so it would really help if u can send me some picture of yer 3.8 carb turbo engind with out the chrome peace covering the whole carburater and i need a pic of whats behind it thanx would be really help full unless u know a sight with all this pictures send me a link preciate it
I have a few more, but I will have to find them...

Dont know if any of my pics will help but here you go, these were taken the day i bought the car....




the thing that the carburater sits on behind it theres a little upside down elbo i dnt know if a hoes goes there or what ..???
I'll see if I can take a pic of my emission sticker for you. I also just bought a GM manual for the 81-83 trouble shooting system. If the pic doesn't come out I'll post from the book for you.