need recommendation on truck tires


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May 31, 2001
A friend of mine has a Ford F-250 Super Duty V-10, 4X4, four door (not the true full 4-doors, but the extended cab type deal), and a short bed.

He has the original tires - several years old and says that they are good on the highway, he is looking for "a compromise between, snow, highway, and trailoring loads."

He says: "The only ones I've found so far are the Firestone Destination H.D. tires? Firestone scares me."

I had Firestone ATX tires on my Explorer, except for the one that blew just a few weeks after putting them on, I thought they were very good on the highway and off-road.

Since I do not have any experience with truck tires beyond the tires I mentioned on my Explorer, and Dunlop Radial Rovers (cheap but good ones IMO), I ask the fine members of the TB.C MB: What do you recommend?

I was not a Goodyear tire fan, but my buddy turned me onto the Wrangler ATS'. They have dual aqua channels (which I thought were just a gimmick). I have had them on the truck for about 5 months now and have had it off road and in heavy snow. This things really grip like teeth! They are quiet and have made a huge difference on my truck compared to the Dunlaps that were on there previously. I remember the last off road outing with some friends. One guy had Mickey T mudders and they were caked with mud. The ATS are self cleaning. You couldnt even tell I went through the mud.
Around here BFG's are king. I had Goodyear Wranglers on my Silverado and they were BALD at 32000 miles.

BFG All terrain TA's are sweet tires, look good and last for many years. About $140 around here.

If you are a Bad Boy then BFG Mud Terrain tires are some real meats:cool:
I have 2 sets of tires/rims for my truck

Michelin LTX M/S (great tires)


Nitto Terra Grapplers (awsome offroad and in the snow)


Prices on the michelin's were pretty high but you do get what you pay for....

Nittos werent expensive at all but its their first year so i expect the prices to rise...
We put Goodyear ATS's on my wifes Dually last year, there great in the snow but are terrible to tow with, I think the tread "wiggles" to much and the truck is all over the road. I'm going with the Michelins next time.
I put a set of Dayton tires on my 73 C20 2wd. It goes through snow like a 4wd now. They are good tires but not real exspensive. Had Michelins on it before. They sucked in rain or snow. Before that i had Goodyears. They dry rotted to the point i was afraid to drive with them and they still had half the tread left. I haven't towed with the Daytons yet. I also have Daytons on my GN. I wouldn't buy anything else for a normal street tire.
BFG TA"S are the best all season tire ever made IMO.....;) I have 285/16's on my truck..

I have BFG Mud Terrains on my Suburban with 8 inches of lift. Street driven 99% of the time. This is the 3rd. set I have owned. First set were 33 x 12.50 x 15 and I drive at least 25,000 miles a year and got 4 years on them. Second set were 35 x 12.50 x 15 and I got over 70,000 miles on them. I bought another set that I have on it now. I'm on the 2nd. motor and 2nd. tranny since I bought my Suburban used.:D Old Chevys never die!:D
Tarey D.:cool:

I would recommend these tires to anybody.
BFG says you'll get 60,000 miles out of them
I just changed out one pair of tires on my 1500 suburban. I was running Radial Rover A/Ts, they rode nice, had good traction, but the sidewalls are kinda soft if you do any towing. With the boat on back, the car seemed to rock side to side. The new tires are extra plies and hold 44psi. Heres a link to the old tires:

And the new tires:

They are Bridgestone Dueler AT Revos. I am running 275/70r16s and LOVE THEM! Real aggressiver tread, but very quiet. I will be buying 2 more for the back before boating season starts. Drives like a new truck.
I have been checking in and passing the posts on to my friend with the F-250 HD

I'll keep checking as the suggestions keep comming.

Originally posted by GRNDNL
We put Goodyear ATS's on my wifes Dually last year, there great in the snow but are terrible to tow with, I think the tread "wiggles" to much and the truck is all over the road. I'm going with the Michelins next time.

I have Michelins on my 95 dually, and they are NICE. Towing 8000# they are straight as an arrow and quiet. Of course my 454 with a 3" str8 pipe may just be drowning them out:D

Email me and I can tell you the size/style I have if you are interested. I dont know off the top of my head right now
Bridgestone Dueler AT's were the best tires i ever put on my truck. When the Tahoe needs new shoes, thats what it'll get. Good in the snow, sand and great highway manners. Also got about 50,000 miles out of them.

Michelins. There are very few tires in 265/75 16 that are Load Range E. Most tire stores won't put on Load range D or C tires on your truck (I wouldn't, either). Michelins are the best option I found (around $140/tire)

I put Michelins on our 2500 Yukon XL and they are much better than the Firestones Steeltex's (Checked and cracked POS's) they replaced. We've put more miles on the Michelins so far than the OE tires and they have a lot more tread (and no fears of tread separation from the sidewall cracks)
I also like Michelin LTX ... the all-season MS series, no experience with the AT "chunkier tread".

I'd also recommend the more dureable , true LT (light truck) versions, not "P" passenger series. LT have sturdier belts.

I have gone 2 sets of LTX M/S series, close to getting my 3rd set (about $600-650 for set of 4).

Over the years the Michelins have provided me:

- very good wet & snow traction
- long tread life (approx 45K miles)
- even wearing, quiet tread (unlike the despised Goodyear Wrangler RTS that came on my truck).
- never a failure (eg , tread separation)

More expensive , but worth it to me.

vehicle: '94 full size, 4WD K-Blazer (now "Tahoes"), 143K miles
tire size: 265/75-LT16