need some help


I have been having a hard time finding someone who can weld up my 301 turbo. is there anyone here in Il that can weld aluminum ( a good member possibly)? All that needs to be done is the 3 holes on the turbo foot have to be filled in, and the tabs on the turbo extended by a ½ in or so ( to match the gasket).see picture to see what i am taking about. I am building a before black turbo like Charlie So, if anyone could help a fellow Turbo Buick member out I would appreciate it.


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I have a few friends that can weld aluminum and i have been practicing on it and its pretty easy if i have the right welder. I can try to look around and see if anyone would do that for you. Or if you want to call Andys Shop in Grinnell IA. I have heard he call weld aluminum.