Need someone to work in my 85


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Nov 12, 2002
What’s up guys im looking for someone to take a look at my ride and get her right! IMO I think it runs fine but needs tuning and possibly some work done on the bottom end as I have a oil drip leak I can find I know of very reputable GN guys here without a doubt just want to hear from you that ur willing to get my 85 up to par I stay in Ontario Ca any help I’d greatly appreciated thanks
I have not since I’m in Cali but I’m very aware of his name in the game and I’m sure he can lead me in the right direction and I will keep him in my to call list along with others that chime in that are from Cali I appreciate the info !
Hey bud I'm up in Palmdale area . I can probably come check out what you have going on. Shoot me a message if u are still looking
Thanks for the response really appreciate the offer u specialize in port and polishing heads right?
Yes i have done several Buick heads . From basic clean up jobs to full port jobs and with bigger valves and stiffer springs