Needs ether(starting fluid to start) help


"lord be with me"
Alright guys

This is a tuff one im trying to help sylvan and we finally got many little things straiten out but the car will not start unless starting fluid is put through the tb then the car will run so if thats true it has spark and fuel but not at the beging of the start :confused: :confused:


we have checked everything twice three times

the only thing he did was remove the heads and change gaskets
It will stay runing :eek: :confused:

Hmmm we have tried alot of things so if you can think of anything out of ordinary please let me know


Thanks twin 93 svt nice to hear from ya
Have a buddy lift down the license plate and take the gas cap off, have him listen to the tank while you turn the key on, have him check to see if the pump comes on.
I have seen some cars that wont start if the has been sitting, because there is no signal to a relay to turn the pump on, he should hear it kick in.

What style hotwire kit does it have?

Sounds like a loose connection on the black wire by the alternator not supplying voltage to the relay, once the car is running with ether, the factory wiring is working fine?
i would advise not to use ether as a source to fuel the engine to start.

it will crack pistons in a hurry.
you can use carb spray or gas in a spray bottle. just be careful.

see if it has fuel pressure (as mentioned) at the rail and if it does check to make sure the injectors are getting a signal to fire with a noid light.

might be a blown fuse or something simple.
He has a outside mount fuel pressure gauge and shows plenty of pressure we checked all the fueses as well


Hmmm.... thanks guys and keep them comming

oh ill let him know not to use either
Does it get fuel pressure instantly? These cars have two ways of energizing the fuel pump, through the relay and through the oil pressure switch, if the relay is bad it will still run through the switch but may not have enough pressure when cranking to close the switch. Just another thing to check.

Also, check injector pulse. You can use a test light or even an ordinary small blinker bulb with the leads straightened to plug into an injector plug on the harness. See if they pulse when you are cranking the engine over. It is possible that something is prohibiting pulse only when it is trying to start. ECM?
Thanks ill get a noid light

I think perhaps were on the right track as for the 2 swicths


ill let you guys know
If the car runs after you shoot it with ether, then the injectors are working fine.
Has to be fuel pump relay not coming on, not priming fuel pump, and no fuel pressure when cranking......
Could it have anything to do with the oil pressure sensor down by the turbo oil feed line. I know that the terminals got loose on mine and I would have to wigle it for the car to start, but never tried starting fluid. Just a thought.
My plug is wasted - the 3 connector job that goes to the oil pressure sensor, so it is not even hooked up and the car primes and runs the pump after starting

well i just got off work so if i have to ill head out again and try what was suggested thanks by the way

im thinking the same as many if the car starts then it has to have fuel and spark

so what would cause it not to have either one when cranking