Negative boost pressure on dakota dash


Just installed my dakota and got the boost running by installing a new vacuum block and putting the sender in the 1/8 NPT thread with teflon tape...I havent driven the car yet as the weather here is horrible..So I just had the car idling in my garage...I am reading like -17 on the boost gauge...Im sure I have everything wired right..Does this sound normal? As I hit the gas with the car idling it goes down toward 0....
Take a look at a vacuum/boost gauge. Before zero is vacuum/negative pressure, past zero is boost. Your dash is correct. As far as boost warning, what's that! :D
The dash comes with warning indicators that you set which warns you if you go over the boost setting you set into the dash
If you're running 93 octane I'd strat w 15lbs that's only if you have a way to monitor knock and 02s..
I have a scanmaster so I am able to monitor them if I remember how! I started a 85 GN project car I had it in for years then I sold that because it was a little to much to handle...I just got the 87 early this year..So its been a long time..I dont even know what the numbers mean anymore! I gotta check the scanmaster manual if I can find it...