New Black Carpet w/ Sandstone interior *pics*


Apr 19, 2002
I always thought the interior would look much better w/ black carpet so I decided to try it out. I recovered my lower door panels as well. I am very happy w/ the results. Looks much better IMO.


lemme know what you think.
looks good...weird,my carpet is more of a dark gray color...might not be stock tho...

i was thinking of replacing mine with black as well,seems like a good idea...
I'm pretty sure my gray carpet was the stock color b/c it had the GM stampings on the back. Theres a good chance that mine have dulled ALOT b/c they were kinda beat. I'm very happy w/ the black tho.
I put black carpet in mine too and LOVE it!!! I drive my car every day and black was a nescessity. I also took masking tape made little templates and put black carpet into the little insert area in the kicks. Just added another little touch. Looks great though!

That carpet looks great. Some day when my car is worthy of new carpeting I may go that route'll be a while. How bout some more shots of the whole car.
If you click the link in my sig you will see more pics on my website. Havn't updated in a while tho. Thanks for the compliments
Yeh, i have TONS of pics of my car. Just not online. If you have any specific requests I'll glady put them up for you.