NEW Black/ Polished 18" Simmons F-series wheels and Tires...


May 23, 2001
Guys and gals,
I bought these wheels approx. 18 months ago through the group purchase on the board, and have not used them yet. Everything purchased through Group A wheels. Crazy me has decided to change the brakes on my GN yet AGAIN and now these will not fit my new front brakes without spacers. I put on 2007 Corvette C6 Z06 Brakes on all 4 corners, and clearance in the front is less than I'd like without spacers. It makes me sick to my stomach that these won't work because they're beautiful (and expensive) and exactly what I want for the car. I could run them with spacers in the front, but I hate spacers. The wheels and tires are mounted and balanced and have been stored in my garage ever since. They have never touched a car. Lugnuts are still individually wrapped from Group A. The tires still have stickers on them. So here you go:

2 - 18x8.5" Front Simmons F-series wheels, black center polished lip, 3-piece construction. Perfect offsets for 78-87 G-body and have the larger hub openings to accomodate Baer brakes or any of the other 13" 1LE brake swaps. There is also enough clearance to accomodate a 14" rotor and most calipers. This setup works with pretty much every brake configuration you could put on (except mine). Tires are 245/40/ZR18 BFG G-force TA KDW2, brand new. Centercaps and lugs, also brand new.

2 - 18x9.5" Rear Simmons F-series wheels, black center polished lip, 3-piece construction. Perfect offsets for 78-87 G-body using either drum or discs. These will accomodate any brake setup you could think of. Tires are 295/35/ZR18 BFG Comp TA ZR. I did a lot of research and this is the largest tire you can fit in the rear using this wheel and offset without rubbing. It is also slightly taller than stock for an awesome raked appearance. The lip on these wheels is huge, it has to be close to 4". They just look plain awesome.

Of cource the Simmons centercaps and matching Black lugnuts are included. These come mounted and balanced, ready to install. Price everything out, I have $4300+ into the setup at the group purchase price, and theyre still BRAND NEW!

First $3500 FIRM can have them before I change my mind and run them with spacers. It sounds like a lot but youre getting a lot. This is a great deal for someone out there. Anyone who has purchased these knows its not a cheap date. I will ship at purchaser's expense of feel free to come pick them up. Im just outside Milwaukee in Brookfield, WI. Please no lowballers. :D

Email me direct or call at 414-732-4824 I don't get on the board much anymore. Thanks!
I have emailed pics to those who requested... I guess theyre too big to attach here, so if you need to see them, email me and I'll flip 'em over to ya...
I bought a set just like his, but in 17's. Here is a picture of the rear.

Good luck with the sale.

These are great rims.


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Looks like someone is going to have some new wheels and skins next week... high bidder gets them, auction ends Friday...