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The Street killer V6
Aug 20, 2005
Looking to trade my correct fitting 17” Simmons wheels for some polished stock turbo T turbine wheels plus 1900 cash your end.
17x9 front
17x10 rears with 4.75 bs
Correct fitting

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 7.29.28 PM.png
BFG Goodrich
245 40 17 g force tired. Front

Nitros 555R
285 40 17 rears

about 65% front tire life

About 45% rear tire life
Terror, I have some 17in torque thrust 2 style that were custom shortened in the rear to 10in wide and 8in frts. I couldn't do 1900 your way though. Too bad I didn't hold on to my WE-4 rims.
This one picture towards the back you'll see DOT and beside it you'll see 4 numbers beside something, i can almost make it out, but anyway look at the four numbers. The first two numbers will tell you what week they were manufactured, and the last two tells you what year. If you can get a little closer on the numbers at this picture here...THANKS


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Here's a sample of my tires. My fronts are 0419...That tells me they were made in week of Jan 21- Jan 25 in the year of 2019 / and my rears are 2219 which tells me they were made in the week of May 27-May 31 in the year of 2019. The reason this is important is because After 8 years the rubber compound is no longer safe and After 10 years, by LAW, NO tire store can't help you even if you need air...Nobody can touch em', If so they can be held liable if you get into an accident. Not to mention the newer the tires, the better technology and the better traction you'll get, even in wet or snowy weather. I have some Cooper Cobra's, and they hook up good, and I'm putting down over 500+ to the wheels.
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I wouldn't waste your time with this "seller"
Ya, I’m a recent amputee and my time is limited at the moment. Sorry - are you the “kid” that is still butt hurt because I never sold you those wheels (& still follow me in FB if I might add ?
Have a bless day