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May 10, 2016
Hello!, lifelong G Body guy and big fan of the GN here.... anyways after having quite a few G body's mostly 3-4 Monte Carlo's, and 2 Grand Prix's 1 Cutlass, and 2 Buicks one being a 81 and now my new to me 86 GN!! I finally bought my 86 GN which I'm the 3rd owner. Originally a Idaho car then sold to the guy I bought it from in Missouri, I am now the 3rd owner... it has a bunch of service records and upgrades done as well. it has some mods done as a TE44 turbo, Razors Alky injection, 60lb injectors, Pypes exhaust, Racetronix hotwire and pump kit, Scanmaster, etc etc

here are some pics! and I appreciate any insight or fellow local GN guy tips!





Hello from Pueblo! Anything you need just ask,looks like u found a nice one.
Thanks! it runs ok.... too it to the track last Sunday and it ran mid 14's.... also took it to the test and tune night and it wouldn't get out of the 15's on street tires, low boost launch as seeing as it doesn't have a posi!
I was hoping for a bit more oh well!! btw I found a cracked manifold on the drivers side....
The cracked header will affect your spool up, your 60" times and your over all ET.
Somehow, one of the biggest problems we have with these cars is traction.:D
At this point, a good set of drag radials will most likely knock half a second off you ET.;)
This is the fun part. sneaking up on things. Enjoy the journey. Please post results.

Mike B.
What,a GN without posi. I feel your pain my T is a peg leg wonder.when is the next track day id like to make it up.
I know I keep getting asked that!! I actually have a 87 GN posi rear under my 85 Grand prix!! I did buy some air bags real cheap and hope it helps! I also have a 30 spline Trutrac that I was gonna install on my GP. hmmm lol! gotta get that manifold fixed first.
Welcome to the site! I think I saw your car running at the street machine showdown at bandimere. I am on the south side of Denver if you need anything. We're trying to get a couple GN's to meet up at the golden super cruise on the 4th. Looks like a great car!
Yeah that was me 5280GN ! I did talk to Keith yesterday and he let me know about the cruise on the 4th! Gonna try and go...
I hear ya. I have to finish this engine so hopefully I can get it on the road by then. Highly recommend a new converter after you fix the header. Really wakes the car up.
I don't know anybody local that can weld cast iron. I just upgraded my headers when they leaked, more expensive but worth it.
Stock headers will take you to low 11's.just pull them off and run them by a muffler shop.