New Member In Florida.... Look For Any Help On What I Have.

I took hose clamps and reattached the hose securely to the PCV. Took it out for a spin and after a warm up did a few WOT pulls from speed so if wouldn’t down shift. Pulled good with not backfire but I got a lot of retardation going on. The hose held although It idles rough and feels rough when casual where as smooth as it was prior to the “incident” and now I also have a weird tapping going on.

This thing was perfect at 24-25 lbs of Boost with 785 02 no doubt there is a issue!!!,!

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my KR at 17 was a Piston rod thru a cylinder wall, that 19 is not good. get someone who knows the intricacies of these motors to look at it, stay away from a mechanic with no experience, could end up doing more harm than help.
Very hard to tell from listening on my phone but I would start with looking at the oil. Make sure you don’t have water in the oil. Next I would check torque converter bolts or valve train. Stock rocker shafts are held down with nylon inserts. Pull the valve covers and take a look or do a compression test. It doesn’t have that deep rod knock sound to me in the clips.
Any change in oil pressure since the noise started?

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10/4 brother man
we got ours last two years in row MATTHEW THEN IRMA
run or be prepared for the worst
thx for the post/thoughts
on the bright side can't wait to watch CRUISE
I shed a tear every time I watch BLACK AIR :cry:
Thanks guys... we did ok and were very lucky the track kept us from getting the really high winds and rain. We. just have
no power currently and minimal wind damage.

I did email Cruz Preformance in Tampa to see about bringing my car in to have it checked. His shop is the closest to my location and he was very helpful and responsive in his emails.