New motor startup problem. Help


Feb 8, 2015
Hey guys. Havinga little problem
Started up motor after rebuild, noticed coolant leak so i shut it down. Turned out hose clamp on rad wasnt on properly, ran for about 20 seconds, i seen the leak and shut it off. I checked the turbo feed line...tiny bit of water comes out. WTH?!
DO NOT restart it! You may have an internal water leak into the pan, and the water is going thru the oil pump.
Simple check......Check the oil. Over full? Water in it? Rad level down?
hey man, talked to the engine builder and he guaranteed me everything was done 100%. so, i then drained the oil, oil seemed like it was right out of the bottle. so i then cranked motor over without the ECM connected, oil feed disconnected. turned out to be some condensation. oil came flowing out of the feed line and that was a relief!
You had condensation on the oil feed line during startup?.....

Did you bust the engine off without running a drill powered prime tool first?