new old car

a few pics. DSC_0014.JPGDSC_0015.JPGDSC_0016.JPG
What an awesome TTA. Glad to see you in the drivers seat behind this one. Another rare GM gem in the desert. Good stuff..

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Congrats. You deserve it. I've always wanted one of those too. That thing looks clean. :)
Has it got anything done to it?

Mike B.
all stock other than 42lb injector and a turbo tweak chip. i think my firs mod will be an exhaust was changing oil today and its got stock non mandrel bends with a replacement muffler. would like a downpipes to have to keep an eye out don't know if anyone make them.
Awesome ride dale skip showed me acouple pics . When u get a chance bring it by my pad would love to see it in person. Congrats again
Beautiful... I've always wanted one of those. I like the heat wrap on the coolant reservoir.

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