New PB on E-85

I'm glad you cut the video of the first pass off short. Holly would have me with a bar of soap in my mouth ;)
Congratulations on the PB. Trying to get your car into the 7's has turned out to be quite an adventure.

Long story, just to recap for those that don't know:
Manny showed up at BG and we started sneaking up on the boost, I asked him if he wanted to shoot for the 7 there and he elected to try and win the event instead of pushing things and possibly hurting something.
Next event was Reynold's. Manny had battery problems and only got to make one qualifying pass. We decided to turn the boost up a little each pass. Car went 8.28, 8.12, 8.08. In the final we turned it up some more hoping for a 7 and the trans broke at the starting line.
Manny (and Marvin) fixed the transmission and we went back to the track. First pass was a 8.19, we turned up the boost again and the convertor broke at the starting line.
They sent the convertor back to PTC and borrowed one from Roy Garcia (thanks for helping a friend out Roy, not everyone would be willing to do that). The convertor was a little too loose and they made 5 passes all between 8.13 & 8.19
Got the old convertor back in the car and went back out last night. What a diference the convertor made. First pass with the new convertor caused the car to do a pretty high wheelie and ran the 8.03 Next pass they tightened up the shocks and I gave it another pound of boost down track. The car launched a little harder and stood on the bumper and came crashing down. Looks like it will be 2013 before Manny can join Tony & Dave in the stock suspension 7 second club.
Congrats!! I hope to see it in BG again next year.
Cal, 1/8th mile TSO racing would make our finish line pit area so dull.
Those cars sound amazing at 170+MPH coming towards you!