New personal land speed record :)


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Well back in my high school days I took my '79 Z28 up to about 138 mph...guessing since the speedo only went to 130 and had no peg to stop the needle....
Well since then, just haven't had the balls or opportunity to try to go faster..until now..some 25+ years later...
Had a 4-lane straight highway wide open without a sole on it for the entire straight away, was in the SRT8 Challenger, so I had to nail it...made it up to 150mph before I ran out of straight away and caught up to other cars..was about a 3/4 mile stretch. Car had plenty more left in it and felt pretty stable...really needs a heads up display. Supposedly the car can do 173mph top speed...may be 25 more years before I try that :)
This is not one-upsmanship but I was a passenger in a Mercedes 560(?) sedan back in the early 90s at the GM proving grounds in Detroit. There is a 2.5 mile straightaway there. The driver had it up to 160. It was damn scary. I would never do that myself but what a rush. Those 1/10 mile markers they had set up on the sides were clicking off like fenceposts.

I bet your 150 was every bit as thrilling.
I did 155 on the back of a GSXR750 about 20 years ago. Not by choice. The dude just took off to show off. I'm 6'4 240 lbs. Needless to say he walks a little "funny" these days.

130 at Road America in a clients car.
65 in an enzo on the Dallas North Tollway....65 was good enough.

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Bought my 2001 C5 Z06 back in 2001 when I was just 24, in North Dallas. The tollway was always good from Legacy and south, and before they finished the GB toll way past Midway too. I've heard that supposedly the redline in 5th is an indicated 172 mph...
Those SRTs move out for sure. The high speed runs get the heart going. Hit the limiter (187mph) a couple times on a 07 Kawasaki ZX-14. Felt stable as hell and got up there in a hurry, those bikes are awesome...150 in a Neon SRT4, 160+ in an 03 Cobra, 130ish in my TBSS. Only 85 in the Buick though ;). Don't really do that type of thing anymore though, I ride slow Harleys now and whatever I'm at at the end of the 1/4 mile is it for top speed lol.

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New cars are impressive at high speeds. My GN is scary as hell to me over 120. Pretty much dancing with death at that point. I took my WRX wagon to 145 once and it was very stable. Took the Flex to 120 once. I let off, but it wanted to keep going. Had a Porsche 924S to about 140 a few times. Don't think I've ever been over 150 in anything with wheels.
My 95 Formula Firebird was rock solid at 155. It's a little scary how smooth they are at those speeds.
My 98 supra on German autobahn redlined in 6th gear at 162mph due to 3:73 gears
The impressive one was my 98 Regal GS over there hit 144, that is the supercharged v6 and it had a few goodies but I still didn't think it could get that high

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Well it couldn't be the two of us....then the bike might have done 11mph with two flat tires.

Now that he's slimmed down quite a bit, I might consider reliving the scenario.

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65 in an enzo on the Dallas North Tollway....65 was good enough.

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I have Enzo envy...even at that speed.
My 95 Formula Firebird was rock solid at 155. It's a little scary how smooth they are at those speeds.
I've had my '95 TA since '97 but never had the balls or the opportunity to try to see how fast it would go, I bet it does handle well at those speeds considering it is much lower to the ground than the Challenger.

There is some other info to my story...there was an over turned 18-wheeler blocking the entire freeway behind where I got onto the freeway, so I also knew every cop in a 20 mile radius was back there and not down the road running radar. Yes at 150 you pretty much have very tight tunnel vision, you see nothing except directly in front of you.
I just recently bought a portable HUD unit but it appears it only displays in km/h and the instructions are in broken English So much for ebay pos items!
I've done 150+mph in a car 5 times in my life. Once in the Buick and never again. This was when it had like 30k miles on it, but as mentioned, never again. Unless it does it in the 1/4. 1st time was in the back seat of a 1989 911 Turbo (930) convertible. This was the same guy I later bought my Buick from. Second time in a 1970 Daytona 365 GTB/4, third time in a 1997 F355, fourth time in a 1999 550 Maranello, and lastly in my Buick. Been in plenty of other cars that could do it but with no drivers and not given the chance to drive any of them that fast myself.:D
930 is nothing to mess with. Still one of the fastest cars I have ever driven.

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Felt like the fastest.....went 99 in the quarter in a flatbottom drag boat we owned....only the back five inches of boat in the water... it had a 427 ford in it...I also skied behind it wide open...:eek: ...I loved it...