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Aug 4, 2007
Hey guys,New to the site.Just picked up my84 t type last week.Cars been setting in a field for like 6 years.Guy parked it when the car backfired on him.Motor is supposed to have 20,000 miles on it.I figured the turbo blew until I started to investigate things today.Removed the throttle body and seen the turbo looks new.Impeller looks like new and impeller spins freely.Started car the other night with starting fluid.Fuel pump is not working.Going to install a 255 in tank with the hot wire kit.I have a couple questions for you guys.I want to upgrade injectors to like 30# injectors do I need to replace mass air.Can I insyall an msd 6al with a boost master?Will there be any benifits from doing this.I'm new with this since I've been a mustang guy for the last 15 years..Any tips would be appreciated.I just want to be able to spank my buddys 5.0's...With my AKA Granny car..Thats what my wife called it..I'll post some pics of it..I'm taking guesses on what I paid for it...
Thanks guys


Looks Good

Looks good, to have been in a field for 6 yrs.
I have an 85 that I bought new. 125,000 plus miles.
I am not an expert. I have owned mine since June 4 1985. I have tried some of the simple bolt ons and a couple different chips. My car doesn't run that well at this time. To much detonation. It is real bad in hot weather.
I would focus on getting it running without replacing a lot of parts. Get it running first.
I wouldn't waste my time on 30 lb. (Stock is 28.) They don't seem to be any better than stock. I have them in my car with the stock Mass Air Flow. When I get time I am going to 42's. I had Turbo Tweak burn a chip for them.
Fuel pump and hot wire is a good place to start. Is the FP regulator ok?
I haven't heard very much positive about the MSD 6AL on these cars. If you want to improve the ignition then convert to 86/87 coil pack and module.
Welcome to the Hotair group. Upgrading to better Fuel Pump and installing a hotwire to it is a great step (especially since your pump is toast). I agree with Tommy on the injectors, unless you already have them, don't spend the money there. Get some kind of scan tool like a Scanmaster to start. You may have other trouble codes once you install the fuel pump and get it running, or atleast with a scan tool you can make sure your sensor readings are good before going with performance add ons.
get a fuel pump and do the basic oil/trans fluid/plugs wire/ etc.etc.once you get it running good then go from there. once its running good i would do a 87 ecm with powerlogger 60lb injectors and a TT chip adjustable regulator and wastegate and start tunning.
Hey guys thanks for the response.I have a question.How the hell do you change passenger plugs.I took the ac unit off and the pipe that goes from passenger header up to turbo.Still cant get in there.Driver side plugs were toast.Porcielin fell out of the center of the plugs.Also when i removed the pipe from the turbo there was a coating of oil in it.Is this a bad thing.Turbo looks good the oil in the pipe kinda scares me.How about the boost controller?Would this do me any good?
Thanks guys
ok let me see here. plugs on the passenger side are always a PITA. thats why i no longer have a/c in my car couldnt stand it taken me 6 hours to do 6 plugs. best thing you can do it get some extensions and some elbows and work at it. as far as the oil coating could be a few things. i can get it running and see if it smokes. it could be from sitting for so long someone could have put oil in the cylinders before it sat or alot of other things. as far as the 87 ecm there are a few advantages to going to a 87 ecm. more chips to chose from more tunning tools with more data (powerlogger) and the car will run alot better. there are other things it does but that is a few things. as far as the interior i can view the pics from this computer they have damn near everything block over here (UAE)
Welcome Jason, like everyone else said get all your fluids changed and get it running first. A good place to start is hereThe Grand National / T-Type / Turbo Regal Buick Spring Cleaning Guide. Poke around in their Technical Article Section their is a lot of info there.
As far as the ecm look at the white paper tag on it, if it's a 1227148 it's an 87. If it's a 1226459 it's an 84/85. An 87 ecm will provide you with the option of a better chip and using a better scan tool like Power Logger or Direct Scan and a Scan Master.
You have the Leir Siegler interior which was in the 82 and 84 Grand Nationals only, I don't think they used it in the 84 T Types. The 85 GN's had the same interior as the 86 & 87 GN's.
I would spend my time doing the spring cleaning -GNTTYPE.ORG first. Or the fuel pump hotwired-Walbro 340. Get the car running right. The issue with scan tools is that almost all require and 87 ECM conversion and 87 chip. This is easy but it does cost money. The scan tool costs money as well. Good luck. Brad
Man parts are a b--ch to get for these.Even ebay dont have many listings.I have the tank out right know to change pump.Going with a 255.So if i put it all back together and it smokes then what???
Hot Air parts are a thing of the past. It is really easy to upgrade to the 87 ECM, 87 coil and module as well as the 87 MAF. These conversions are necessary because the 84/85 parts are not made. The only part I am aware of that has to be custom built is a larger downpipe. You are not ready for that. Before you waste time on e-bay- Post here and we can point you as to where you can find parts. The bottom line is that somethings need to be upgraded to the 86/87 setup. You will figure this out over time. Brad
While you have your sending unit out I have instructions on how to clean and repair it. Just go to the link at the bottom of my signature.
Hey guys,New to the site.Just picked up my84 t type last week.

I'm new with this since I've been a mustang guy for the last 15 years.
I just want to be able to spank my buddys 5.0's...With my AKA Granny car..
I'm taking guesses on what I paid for it...

Welcome to the Dark Side!
The members that gave advice know these cars and are some of the best!

As far as the Mustang, and before start spending:
What is your goal? In other words, how s-l-o-w is this mustang? :cool:
Nothing like Grandma's Fried Mustang Steaks! (joke)

For the car: $1200
The seats are not that rare.
I''l give you $500 for them. :eek:

READ THE STICKY on top of the forum!

Start here for parts:
TurboTweak Home (injectors, chip, MAF, scantool) Online
once you get it running and get it warmed up a few times then we will see if she smokes. if she does its a long process off finding the source. if i where you since it has sat for so long do a compression test on it and see what the #'s look like before you dump to much money into it. that will tell you right off the bat if she is healthy or not.
I did have it running for like 5 sec.Car started right up.Motor is supposed to have 20,000 on rebuild.Old Gas and bad plugs wouldnt let it run.I got the new plugs in tonight.Have to order wires.Waiting on pump.Hold onto your hats guys ...I GAVE 500.00 for it........Clean title still has owners manuel in glove box.Guys wife drove it for years..Actually my friend has a coupe with 351 stroked windsor 430 horse to the rear wheels..I dont think I'll be passing him any time soon...Maybe i should convert it to intercooled............JUST KIDDING!!!!I see thats a touchy subject on here...Thanks guys for everything..
500 is a good buy. if i could find another one for 500 that would be awsome. i paid 2,000 for mine.
For the plug wires I would go to Napa and get their Belden ones part#700314. I believe they are like $40. They are almost the same exact lengths as the stock ones so they fit good, and they have the correct long boots on the ends that connect ot the plugs.