New S2 block and crank question


Chris Taylor

I have found a new S2 OC block with all of the machine work complete.
- Align honed
- Both decks squared
- Bored and honed to 3.990
- Cambearings bores bored and honed for needle bearings
- Lifter bores bored and honed
- New BRC crank 3.590" stroke polished

This is a new block never assembled. What do you guys think it is worth? He has all of the paper work and documents detailing the work on the block and crank.
Make sure you check it all out carefully up front. Double check all the block tolerances, check the main cap parting line finish, the lifter bore size, inspect the bores carefully for flaws, roundness, etc, etc.

I have checked all of the tolerances. I know the people who did the machine work and talked with them also. Now we are talking money. What is a good price to you?
Block Low $1000.00 High $2500
Crank Low $750.00 High $1900

Everything depends on how bad you need (want) it.
I found a virgin 4.1 SG2 (off center) that that needed final machining for $1000. (2 years ago) and a like new 3.590 forged crank (dyno motor use only) for $500.
These (to me) was a killer deal.

So what is your guy asking for his stuff???

Gary :cool:
We are still talking about the money. He has a lot of S2 parts and said he would sale all or nothing.
- S2 new block OC
- BRC crank new
- Main Bearings
- Balancer
- New S2 heads
- T&D Rockers
- 12 Isky roller lifters new
- 15 comp push rods new 5/16
- New Buick S2 intake
- New Dry sump front cover
- New Buick Water pump
- Two sets new S2 Motorsports Valvecovers Black
- New set anodizde aluminum rocker arm spacers
- 8 new rocker shaft studs and lock nuts
- 8 new rocker shaft holddown clamps
- 17 T&D roller rockers "H" "E" and "L"
- Two sets of stainless headers new no collectors not turbo
- New Buick fuel pump
- 5 new Autolite 474 racing spark plugs
- Two used MSD billet aluminum distributors
- One new MSD distributor cap
- One used Nelson Specialties Motorsports ngnition box
- Two new sets of Wisco pistons (these are dome top)
- 10 new Wisco pistons with 1.125" compression height 4.045"-4.046" with pins and locks

All I want is the block and crank and a few things. He does not have a set of rods. I want to use GN2 heads. Looks like $3,500.00 for all of the above.
Stage dimensions

sounds to me like it's a goofy bore size to be a Busch engine. Most start at 4.00" and the cranks are then shortened as the block is rebored.
If the heads are the small chambers, IE: 36/38 CC, then a piston will need to be real deep to get the compression down. This makes the heads worth alot less and in some cases useless for a turbo engine.

Don't know what's meant by the lifter bores being bored and honed.. Have they been bushed?? Been drilled for oil to the lifters?
Is the block a cross bolted ft rear main block??
IMO, $3500 is tops as most of the "other" stuff he has is worthless for what you want to do.

My story and I'm stickin to it!!:D :D :D
That is a deal and a half! New, unmachined block is $1900, add $1000 for machine work, and $1200-1500 for new crank, and you are already at $4100-4400, plus he's throwing in heads, balancer, rockers, covers, intake, bearings, and a few other useful items, for $3500. Jump on it if you are going S2.
This block was used for R&D by Detroit Gasket to provide gaskets for the Detroit Gasket Bush team. It was a raw block and bored to the 3.990". The bore was left under sized intentionally. I will have it honed when I get the pistons. The combustion chambers are 45.0 - 45.5 cc. The lifter bores have been bored, honed and bushed with oil holes. The machine work was done by Barns & Reece in Asheville, NC.
Chris, I had a couple of Busch motors that were done by B & R and they were some of the nicest motors I've had. The blocks were absolutely beautifully done. Did you get my e mail on the big bore pistons. Ron
Ron I didn't receive the e-mail. Resend the e-mail.

Tom Reece is good friend of my brother . He and Been do all of our machining. They are great guys.

What did you think about the above list?
I've seen blocks that have been machined (if you can call it that) and had the freaking lifter bores enlarged...

Makes it a real PITA trying to make it right, and when it doesn't even show up on the machine labor work up sheet, it kinda pisses one off I'd imagine.

Also gets frustrating having to go behind another "well known" machinist's work and redo an align hone/align bore because the first one wasn't done properly...

Just check it out and make SURE it's ok. It doesn't matter if the guy is your brother, he may be telling you info that he got that wasn't given to him with full disclosure. It hurts nothing to check it out and make it right.

As to the prices, sounds like a decent deal (assuming the aforementioned checks turn out ok)