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I went to 1/8 mile track again last night. This was my first time with the nitto 555r's. I have a k&n and thrasher chip. Well i can launch better on the street, and can hold 6lbs on the line. The track sucked last night. I couldnt hold mor than 2lbs and when i take off i spin. I ran a 8.9@78.8mph. 2.18 60ft. I think i can get 8.7 or 8.6 with a good launch. What kind of quarter mile time is this? High 13's? Just got my test pipe and will install it tommorow. Getting rid of my Cat will help alot.
Ps. dyno #'s 244hp 383tq at the wheels
Hi 13's.

Might want to make the trek to Fontana on Feb. 7th, its a 1/4 mile track and lot of the Gn guys will be going. I have the nittos and last time there 2.08 was the worst 60' I had. Traction for the most part is a lot better than the Q.
No offense, but if you can't get 1.8 60's with drag radials then you are doing something wrong. I can get high 1.9's-2.0 go's with basic BFG Radial TA's at 22psi on an average track (nobody complained about traction or said it was anything better than normal) and the entire suspension is bone stock on my car.

As for the test pipe, you will be running it all the time once you try it, it makes a big difference. It will also allow you to run some leaded race gas which will help even more. That and some traction and you should see some low 13's or high 12's with tuning.
Last summer I run 8.78 and finished on a 13.27. I got my highest mph on that run. Something around 112 mph. 60 was a terrible 2.44.

My best is 8.39 with BFG DR (old, wear out), cat pipe, trasher 108 chip, kn filter, adj fuel and wastegate... 20.5 psi. I did 12.87 on that and 110 mph. 2.13 60 I think.

It looks to me that you also have a problem with your 1/8th mile mph. Your missing some horse power some where.

I was refering to fly's 1/8th mile mph. I realize my car is more modified than his and we cant directly compare our 1/8th mile mph. I have noticed that my time slips for the 1/4 mile are dictated by 60' time and 1/8th mile mph. I think if he consintrates a bit on his 60' and 1/8th mph a bit he should see some big gains if he went to a quarter mile track.

here's some food for thought runs where I was in the gas the full track.

1. 1.56 60', 89 mph in 1/8th, 11.96@110 in the 1/4
solid 60', off about 5 or 6 mph in the 1/8th, off by 10 in the 1/4, Only 110 mph but still 11 second time slip.

2. 1.78 60', 93.5 mph in 1/8th, 11.72@113.7,way off on the 60, but modest 1/8th mile mph, little under 114 mph and down solid into the 11's.

Heres a run where I threw the car in neutral (an accident) a couple hundred feet from the end of the track and coasted out.
1.593 60', almost 97 mph in the 1/8th, 11.32@112 mph. pretty solid 60', solid 1/8th mph, good 60' good 1/8th mph dumb bell driver still equals good time slip.

HTH: Jason
what can cause poor mph? My car is pretty much stock. I think that my stock chip will produce better results than the thrasher. I am going to see this weekend.
Do you think a dirty intercooler or something like that will hurt mph? 78.8 is normal for a stock tta in the 1/8th...........or is it?
I runned between 79 and 82 mph totally bone stock. My ET was between 9.09 and some 9.20:is

going to the track tonight to see if i can get better times. Last night i uncorked the exh. I am running just the down pipe. I should see a difference. Is there any chance that i will over boost or detonate from this. I will be running race gas but my boost was set at 16psi. Will i get more boost? If so, how much? Thanks for all the info guys....i really appreciate it

Well, if you dont have any scan tool at all, you cant turn up the boost without knowing what happen...

But 20 psi on race gas isnt to much, it would be pretty safe.