New TSM record

Congratulations Rob! Whats the motor turning and an in car video? Curious on which TC you're running and specs?
The converter is too loose actually. It worked great with the 4 bolt turbo I used to run, but the 3 bolt is hindering rpm. I have an 18 blade PTC. Going to switch to a 16 blade. Flash with the 18 blade is 6100. I am shifting at 6400, but it is tough, so I hit 6800 to 7000 at times. 6000 is where I would like to shift.
I just noticed this thread. What stock location intercooler supported this insanely fast run??

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New TSM record again. 7270 3 bolt turbo on only 28psi, it has more in it. Track wasnt there earlier in the day, so left soft. It was a mad thrash to make it to BG car was untested. Unfortunately 1st gear went out 2nd qualifying run and i couldnt make eliminations. got that car dialed in!! Congrats forcefed3.8's