New TV Comercial with TR in it ?


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Guys have you seen Full Throttle's (energy drink) TV comercial ? The 1 where the guy is unpacking the grocery from the trunk of his mini van along with his bashing wife. then a Rig with a tanker of FT passes by & all the guys go after it with their pumped up rides. There's a grey TR in it & I think I saw the bubble hood on it :confused: . Has anyone else seen it or was I delusional ?
I saw the commercial in a super bowl ( don't remember which) Anyway don't recall seeing a TR. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Here in Georgia there is a "Click It or Ticket" commercial that shows a guy in a T-Type getting stopped for not wearing his seatbelt.:frown:
anybody have a copy

of the toyota commerical with Darrell waltrip, driving the GNX??
they used my GNX (before I owned it) and I'd like to get a copy,
I cant view the YouTube videos from work but if it is the original commercials from last year than its just a NA Regal. IIRC I pinned down the year to 1983 on another thread that I started over at the other place. It's a hopper. Well at least he didn't F' it up by hanging 24's on it.