Newer Pontiac Grand Prix GTP goes down;)


Boost is good.
Jul 14, 2001
On the way home from a basketball game tonight...I was cruising home all by myself. All of a sudden I see headlights behind me and they are swirving lane to lane. Then the two guys passed me really fast and go in front of me really quick. I was like WTF it's I tailgate them until we head outta the downtown area and some open roads...finally I flip the turn signal on and blast past him from a 55mph roll...he tried to punch it while my turbo sang away and I must have pulled 10 cars on him we I shut down at 110mph. I would slow down and let him catch up and at first he was really slow catching up to me (prolly was scared) but then he tried to pass me again and I boosted another time from a 55mph roll and walked car after car on him like it was nothing...once again I shut down at 100mph.

We got to another town and I let him pass me, the one dude in the passenger seat flipped me off with both fingers and I just shook my head and said "ah let's do this ONE more time shall we?" lol

So again...punched it, turbo roaring at around 16 lbs, I fly past them again and they started way ahead of me...I eventually caught up going at around 80mph and slowly went past them again until I hit 115 this time and I was ahead by a couple car lengths (sensing the engine was roasting hot and power was going down).

We slowed down and they finally turned off next to me into a Wal-mart and the same guy that flipped me off rolled down the window and gave me this nice stare...I rolled down my window as he was turning and yelled out "That Grand Prix ain't ****!" and drove on my business. It was a white GTP supercharged Grand Prix...I believe they have 240 horses FWD.

Now they will prolly go tell their buddies that have 5.0 Mustangs and say "keep on the lookout for this one Monte Carlo we saw" LOL there is no way you can say my car is a Monte because the front windows has "Grand National" decals with the turbo 6 and the checkered flag on it...and the back window says "BUICK"

hahaha gotta love it...made my night
very nice kill, dude. i've been looking for some grand prixs or grand ams to race. they think their cars are all cool, too bad they're not. heh, too bad they paid a ton more for em too. ohwell--later
these guys thought they were really cool approaching me so fast and passing me without me even noticing...they found out what the power of the darkside does! they definitely heard my turbo whistling like mad...(i love that sound) i was pushing 16 lbs of boost which is pretty much my max right now until the fuel system is changed out soon....then i can run whatever i want...

sad thing was...i didn't even have the car floored!!! it was a little past 3/4 throttle....i didn't want to knock the engine at all because of the fuel situation..and i still whooped their candy-a$$es...don't get me wrong, the 3800 engine is ok...but it's no performance engine like people think...the LC2 engine IS a PERFORMANCE engine baby yeah!!!
Originally posted by d0n_3d
there is no way you can say my car is a Monte because the front windows has "Grand National" decals with the turbo 6 and the checkered flag on it...and the back window says "BUICK"

Doesn't matter. I had guys in here this week installing ceramic tile in my kitchen. Despite the fact I told them to stay the f*ck out of the garage, they showed up while I was at work and set up shop in there anyway. TONS of dust - all over my OPEN motor and parts. But I digress....

One of 'em says to my wife - "nice Monte Carlo". She says it's not even close to a Monte Carlo. Of course, the guy assumes that since she's a woman she knows nothing about it and goes on to explain to her how GM makes many cars that look a like and it is indeed some kind of Monte Carlo. Even with the hood sitting there open and saying "BUICK TURBOCHARGED" on the pad, GRAND NATIONAL emblems all over it, and the BUICK badge on the grille. Moron.

Anyhow, nice kill. I had some lady in a GTP goofing around with me in my GN one day. It was a "Ram Air" model - had the SLP parts on it (or at least the hood). Same results, too. She picks the fight, winds up all pissed off and crazed when she gets her ass handed to here light after light, skirmish after skirmish. She finally just pulled over to the side of the road and stopped.

So now I'm off to figure out how to clean my engine off before I put it back together.....

My wifes friend got rid of her tired Celica. She replaced it with a 97 GTP, and it is a nice riding car. Very comfortable. I bet her that her husband and I would race within 3 days. She said there is no way he would wanna race. So we bet lunch. The day they got it he came over to change the tranny fluid, and what do you know. I told him id follow him in my car, "just in case something happened". From a 35 mph roll, a 10mph roll and from a dead stop, beat him every time. That was even before i had it tuned good. Now that its running right i think it would be much worse.

Guys, don't dog on these things too hard just because of a few bad apples driving them. Remember, the GTP's are running a forced induction Buick 3.8 too, it's all in the family. :eek:
Yeah, I have to admit. They are Buick powered, but try and tell that to the owners. I have a buddy that got a 99 Grand Prix GT(not supercharged for those unfamiliar with em). It took me many long drawnout discussions and showing him pics of the underhood of a GTP and a Regal GS. He finally conceded that I was right(I usually am..) and went from being "Mr. Poncho" to being a proud owner of a Pontiac with a Buick heart. I've heard a few TTA owners coment on their cars in similar fashion(first and best I've heard was "A Buick heart with a Pontiac soul"). He still digs the GP's looks over the Regal and still wants a Firebird, but he does understand some of the history behind the 3.8 line and has tons of respect for my cars. Although, he's pretty darned quick to point out that the Grand Prix name has been around a lot longer, but lso understands that the TR's are a whole different breed of car that are totally unique from anything else. As much as he loves pointing out how nice and new his car is, I love pointing out that he has WAY too much money in it and that it is slow:D

As far as the average GP owner goes....Yes, they do think that their cars are hot s%#t and that they have some sort of street sleeper. The reason....they actually are faster, nicer, and better handling cars than most of the ones they race. What would you rather own given only the choice of a GP or a ricer? Yep, I can hear it now, "Yes, we would take the GP, but they didn't have to choose it" or,"Yes, we'd take the GP and sell it. Then go buy 3TR's." Well, I can't answer the choice of them buying it over something better, but they are American(albeit, wrong-wheel-drivers[had to use that one;) ]), and the name has been around a while, and the supercharged ones are available as 2-drs, which the Regal GS's aren't(can anyone tell me why!!?!?!?!?? Their sales would've gone way up if they were). Maybe they wanted a Firebird and couldn't afford one(insurance?) and were too naive to doubt the salesman's word that "this GTP is just as fast and has more room. Not to mention the insurance is lower", or maybe they are into Nascar and wanted the fastest street version of what they see on TV... Who knows, who cares? We're on the right track. And the way I see it, the less TR's enthusiPest's, the better. Leaves more for us at lower prices:cool:

yeah i don't have a problem with the gtp's using the buick 3.8 supercharged system but it was the fact that these guys thought they were really tough trying to take out my GN...they prolly thought it was a monte carlo from a distance and then they saw my windows and really tried to push their luck...they definitely know what a TR can do now...
Please, no flames...

I wasn't there, so I'm not trying to call you a liar or anything, but are you sure this GP was the GTP model and not a n/a GT? As far as I can tell, the only difference I've noticed (on the outside) between the GT & the GTP is the little badges on the door. Check out my GTP post a little bit below - GTP mods were cat-back, K&N, slightly bigger pulley. IMO, the stock LC2 is pretty close to the GTP (what's the engine code? anyone know?) I've driven both the GT & GTP and performance wise, there's a big difference between the two. It's too bad that GM made them wrong wheel drive, but that's about the only thing I have against them. I'd even consider owning one...

Re-reading your story, they seem to be at a big power disadvantage, which I would expect with the n/a engine, but not with the s/c engine. Especially if you've got a stock turbo, pump gas & 3/4 throttle. Of course, it's always nice to lay the smack down on someone's big attitude, regardless of what they are driving:D
well when he came up on me really fast behind me i noticed the stickers on the windshield that said "Grand Prix GTP" so that was kind of a given...also i have a friend's sister that has one only it's black and i know what they look like...

and yes i am not stock...i am pushing almost 18 lbs of boost on a stock turbo...i'm not knocking the cars by any stretch of the means...i am knocking the retards who thought they could take a slightly modded GN:rolleyes: not to mention the recklessness of getting inches behind me then inches in front of me...those cars are very nice though, i would definitely own one for an everyday driver:) and they are BUICK powered!!!
Hey nice kill....... that GTP owner must not know anything about the GN.

Our 3800II Series S/C V6 doesnt make too much power in the topend unless you do a couple of expensive like headers,downpipe,rocker arms, and cams....

But our low end does a nice job of keeping up with the most unexpected preys. yes it is a hell of a sleeper unless you know what your dealing with under the hood. 280LBS of TRQ (stock)

As for myself , i have a friend that comes out and hangs with us every now and then show off the Power of his 3800 T-Type engine. he runs mid 11,s.

And like someone mentioned lets not let some unruly GP owners speak for the rest of the GP community, we are all in the 3800series family wether it be S/C or TurboCharged. The power of our V6 can sure lay the smack down on the most unexpecting V8 owners.

,T-cooler,S/K,F/S,160tstat,NGKTr6,AFPR@51PSI.and suspension & cosmetic modds .

12/00 (Pomona) 14.057@97.09Mph
12/01(Carlsbad)14.249@97.00Mph (carlsbad sucks)
I always get a kick out of those who think the GTP's have it over the GN's in terms of performance. There's been several times when I've had both the GN and the GTP out of the garage working on one of them, and somebody walks up checking them out. Most of my neighbors have no clue about cars, but when they look at the GN's motor then the GTP's motor and I explain that one is a turbo V6 and the other is a supercharged V6, they usually turn and look at the GTP and say something like "I bet this thing really moves!". I usually go along with them, it's not worth my time explaining, or giving them a test ride.
As to the 3800 Series two and the LC2 3.8 being in the same family....yes, they are. Are they the same? Heck no. Yes, they are both 3.8's, they are both 90deg. V-6's, they are both Buick's, but other than that, they aren't too similar. The casting is different, the heads are different, the whole cam/valvetrain is different(other than being pushrod), the cranks are different, the timing covers differ, the flywheels differ, the rods and pistons differ, the oil pan is also different. It just goes on and on. I like the fact that they're still around and there's a version that can be modded, but I'm in no hurry to get one. Yes, I have ridden in them and I have to admit they would be a nice driver, but I'd rather have a TR driver, which is why I got my 84GN.